Who is The Conscious Mother?

Well … she’s you

Some people come to motherhood already having done a lot of “work” on themselves. They’ve read lots of self-help / personal development books spent time in therapy, attended personal growth workshops and retreats. Some have done it all! But motherhood is a new experience, which brings new learning and insight and sometimes even new perspective on old issues. For those who haven’t engaged in much self-development, motherhood provides the impetus to begin.

The funny thing is that motherhood is one of those life experiences that will force you to grow. It’s unavoidable. Children stretch us. They take us to places we have not known before and give us endless opportunities for growth. We often feel emotions we have never felt before and not only that, we often feel the widest range of feelings in the shortest moments! But this is all part of the ride…part of the journey. Now I’m not going to even pretend that you can be in complete control of this journey. You can’t. Not this one. But you CAN have a significant influence on where you go, how you get there, whether it was enjoyable or not and whether your kids want to actually spend time with you (or not) once they start driving their own cars – literally and metaphorically.

The bottom line is……Becoming a mother can be the most profound and satisfying growth experience you have……particularly if you mother consciously.


How to be a Conscious Mother…..

The Conscious Mother’s Program is a series of personal growth workshops (available online and face to face) for women at ALL stages of their motherhood journey whether they are experiencing difficulties or not.

My goal in creating this program is to help YOU be the mother you want to be and the mother that feels true for you, without all the baggage that we load ourselves up with…. You know… the “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not doing enough”, “that other mum is much better”, “why aren’t I doing that? I should be doing that”, “what is best for my child” and the best one….”oh my God my child is going to end up in therapy!” self-talk.

So, because we’re so talented at making life harder for ourselves particularly when the stakes are high, I want to make it easier. Not easy. Just easier.

The purpose of the program is to help women prepare for, and successfully navigate, the psychological elements of motherhood. Motherhood itself is transformative and The Conscious Mother’s Program was created so that you can feel connected, confident and purposeful throughout your mothering experience.

The Conscious Mother’s Program assists women to enjoy the fun times, stay grounded during the tough times and to build their “mothering confidence” and develop healthy and realistic expectations of themselves and others. It helps women develop ways of managing their down days, worries and self-doubt and truly connecting with themselves, their partner and their little one.

Most people have heard that it takes a village to raise a child. If we focus more on raising ourselves well, we will raise our children better.


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