Never before have Mums been so bombarded with ‘expert opinion’ on how they should or shouldn’t mother their children. No wonder so many feel overwhelmed and confused, wondering if they are doing it ‘right’. This book is the answer. It isn’t about telling you how to be the ‘perfect mum’; it is about helping you explore yourself and your beliefs so you can find your own unique style. Through the thoughtful chapters and personal stories, practical exercises and the Tool Kit, all mums will be able to build their confidence and learn to trust that they do know what is best for their children and themselves. So, expectant mums, new mums, and mums with older/adult kids, throw away the App, stop googling, just give yourself peace of mind, and read this book.

Pip Wynn Owen - Childbirth Educator, Registered Midwife, HPCE Winner of the Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner of Excellence Award 2014/2015

The Conscious Mother guides you through the discovery of how you want to be as a mother, how you want to feel as a mother and how to create that in yourself. The most important gift you will ever give your child is a healthy mother in mind, body and spirit. And while you may read this book and complete its worksheets for the sake of the child initially, you will be giving a most wonderful gift to yourself and your partner at the same time. Kirsten gives you permission to feel anxious, sad, overwhelmed, doubting and then works with you to understand it and use that understanding to be the mother and person you want to be. I want my daughters to read this book and I will encourage them to re-read it and use it all up! It is honest and truthful, easy to read and quick to reward those that work with the author through its exercises.

Dr. LEON LEVITT - GP – Obstetrician

Parents often lament that children don’t come with a manual. The Conscious Mother is The Manual. As a psychologist and mother of two, I cannot recommend this book highly enough to parents, those thinking about becoming parents, as well as those helping parents. Kirstin writes in a wonderfully engaging and informal manner, from a place of vast experience, care and compassion. This book is relevant not only to birth mothers, but to anyone charged with the care and nurturing of a little person.

JANINE BARROW - Psychologist

Kirstin Bouse has created a wonderful resource for both new mothers, and those who want to parent more consciously. She discusses important issues and imparts her wisdom in an easy-to-follow manner. This book isn’t just a ‘how-to,’ it also has sections designed to allow the reader to reflect on her own thoughts, and actively partake in reaching her goal to become a more conscious mother. It’s the perfect present for any mum-to-be.

Dr. EVELYN LEWIN - GP ( obstetrics and gynaecology) – Writer