Adjusting to life as a new mum, it wasn’t the sleepless nights, demanding feeds and unpredictability of every minute that challenged me. The greatest adjustment was accepting I was no longer the woman I used to be. I was not prepared for the sense of loss and grief I’d feel for that part of me no longer there. The Conscious Mother gifted me with acknowledgment and appreciation of that deep transformation, and offered a great sense of comfort, support and relief. A ‘must have’ for all new mothers, teaching us to honor the thoughts, emotions and vulnerabilities motherhood brings, while preparing for the journey ahead.

KIM MARIE SMITH - Founder I Standing Strong Total Wellness Club for Girls

Kirstin has written a book with photos of awesome children, I particularly liked the input page from the husband – who appears wise, and handsome. Kirstin continues her motherhood dream by taking in other people’s children and threatening to kidnap cute kids from friends and family.

ANDREW WILSON - Kirstin’s husband

What an impressive piece of maternal brilliance. Kirstin openly explores the complexity of motherhood and in doing so lifts the fog on the seen and unseen challenges facing mothers today. She highlights the benefits of unpacking our experiences, embracing our humanness, growing with confidence, claiming our instinctual knowing and being a conscious mother. This beautifully presented book invites women to mother from a place of worthiness and love and is a gift to all women, one I will gladly share.

VIDA CARLINO - Transformational Coach - Author of My Power Statements

Even as a step-mother, I wish Kirstin’s book had been around when I was starting out as a full-time step-mother of a seven-year-old. I had no idea that the challenges I was facing came from my own experiences and perceptions, mixed with my new husband’s. You do not have to be the birth mother to experience motherhood. This is a book direly needed in our fast-paced and often unforgiving society, and will heal fractures that do not need to be there so that you can be your own imperfect, amazing mum.

CLARE MCALANEY - Author – Creative Architect

As a mother of three, I know that nothing prepares you for for motherhood. The exhaustion and overwhelm can be debilitating! Kirstin offers her readers an empowering parenting model to inspire and awaken the conscious mother within each of us and guides us with a toolkit to be more mindful and joyous mothers who are present to our children as well as to our own needs of self care. You will feel more confident in knowing how to raise happy, well rounded children. A practical, interactive and must-read book for all mothers.

Motherhood is a unique journey, and for many of us the new expectations and responsibilities can be overwhelming. We often forget to take time out to reflect and be mindful. This beautifully written book will allow you to reflect on your own journey as a mother, offering guidance and reassurance that you are not alone, after all; as mothers we are all doing the very best we can. Taking time to ask yourself the important questions about your own journey as a mother is crucial for staying in the moment and align with who you are as a person. This book gives mothers the opportunity to do just that.

JESSICA SALAMATI (SMITH) - Paralympian – Speaker – Author