Meet with Kirstin in person

Anyone who knows Kirstin knows that this extroverted introvert can talk!

Kirstin has had speaking events at conferences, radio stations, and guest blogs. She’d love the chance to present for you!

Kirstin is available for speaking opportunities, with her key message, ‘Know your stuff and the rest falls into place.’

Her presentations are highly engaging, heartfelt, reassuring and informative, giving mothers hope that they can do ‘it’ and do ‘it’ well.

Kirstin uses a dash of science with a lot of anecdotes, stories and even a smidge of self-disclosure to take her audience on their motherhood journey.

Some of Kirstin’s favourite topics to speak about are:

  • The Journey of Motherhood
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Discovery
  • The Mother/Baby Bond
  • Recovery from Peri-natal Depression (PND) and Peri-natal Anxiety (PNA)
  • Self-Care
  • Finding the Natural Mother in you
  • Mindfulness and Mothering
  • Attachment Parenting

These speaking events can be in a small setting, i.e. a workplace who caters and appreciates their working moms, or in medium to large settings, like 1 million conference attendances!

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