The Conscious Mother Retreat

Fall back in love with being a mother

Motherhood is glorious and it is scary! One moment we feel flooded with love and kindness and we know we’ll do anything for these little people. And the next moment we’re confused and overwhelmed.

We swing between stressing, rushing and yelling to being disconnected and absent. In our quiet moments we feel SO far from the mother we want to be and vow to do ‘better’ next time. But on those stressful days, we start all over again.

And in those moments, when we need someone to support and encourage us, we are often the ones who fail to support ourselves the most.

I get it. As a mother of four and a Clinical Psychologist, I hear the stories mothers share, where they wish they’d done better. Thankfully, I also get to see mothers grow, become more empowered and learn to fall back in love with being a mother!

And during this weekend retreat that is exactly what you will discover.


The Conscious Mother Weekend Retreat

$1095-1395* incl GST


The Conscious Mother Retreat is your perfect opportunity to rest, reconnect and explore new ways in which you can feel more empowered, more in control and better equipped to handle the challenges we as mothers face.

As a small group of mothers we will create a safe space to explore the unique challenges we each face in motherhood. In this loving, supportive environment, you will discover exactly what causes you to feel overwhelm, fear or self-doubt as a mother. Through immersion in this sacred space you will rise up stronger and reconnect with your inner wisdom and authenticity. You will discover the tools you already have available to you, to mother from a place of calm confidence and connectedness.


  • What your unique mothering super-powers are and how to access them when you most need them
  • Overcome your old ‘stories’ about motherhood and connect to your own inner wisdom
  • How to eliminate worry and self-doubt
  • Discover techniques to center yourself in order to respond to your child with love every time
  • Strategies to unleash your confidence as a mother


3 nights

3pm Thursday – 3pm Sunday


  • Beautiful accommodation where you will rest and take some time for yourself
  • All your delicious meals prepared for you
  • Access to every workshop session
  • The Conscious Mother Workbook and Journal
  • Your personal copy of The Conscious Mother book
  • Surprise gifts throughout the weekend


  • As part of this offer, you will also receive 1 Complimentary one-one session with Kirstin after the Retreat
  • Invitation to 1-day Immersions, that are ONLY available to mothers who attend the retreat. These sessions are a powerful way to continue the exponential growth experienced, and the meaningful bonds formed, during the retreat and to provide ongoing opportunities to ‘hold space’ for one another through your motherhood journeys.
  • A guided life-drawing session presented by Charcoal and Champaign

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*Prices vary based on the location (Perth, Melbourne and Sydney) as well as Early Bird and Standard Rates.