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Motherhood is a whole lot of wonderful mixed in with a heap of scary. We can feel completely and utterly in love and then swamped with frustration and overwhelm.


On our ‘good’ days, we feel great! We’re aligned with our best mothering self and connected to our mothering strengths. When challenged by our little one, we are on top of things and we just seem to be able to go with the flow. We may even do a particularly stellar job and pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves ‘you rock’.

But on our not so good days, we over-react and are confused and shaken by our feelings. We swing between thinking we didn’t get it right or we’re not doing enough. And in those moments, we feel so far from the mother we want to be. We beat ourselves up and promise to ‘handle things better next time’. But the worry and guilt … well, they’re just there.

I get it. As a mother of four and a Clinical Psychologist, I hear the stories mothers share, where they wish they’d done better. Thankfully, I also get to see mothers grow and become so much more self-aware. With their awareness comes compassion, choices and options AND better ways of doing things. The best thing is that they feel CONFIDENT as a mother and fall back in love BEING a mother!

What I also get though is how tough it can be to head off to counselling or a parenting program each week or even something like my weekend retreat (although I highly recommend them all).

But you shouldn’t have to miss out on learning;

What your unique mothering super-powers are and how to access them when you most need them
How to overcome your old ‘stories’ about motherhood and connect to your own inner wisdom
How to eliminate worry and self-doubt forever
Techniques to center yourself in order to respond to your child with love every time
Strategies to unleash your confidence as a mother
So I have turned all the ‘gold’ from my Mum’s Space Program AND my Conscious Mother’s Retreat into an online program! That way you DON’T have to miss out!!

The online program is delivered to your inbox each week. What does that mean?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to a series of BRIEF videos to introduce you to #motherhoodonline. This first module gives you a taste of the ENTIRE #motherhoodonline program so you (a) know what’s in store (b) understand how all the modules fit together and (c) understand how to get the most out of the program.

I want you to succeed and so it was super important for me to make sure I provided this AMAZING program in a format that would work for EVERYONE. So because of that, you’ll get EVERY module in video, audio and transcript form and then you’ll have worksheets to complete too! After all, there’s no point just watching/listening and not actually APPLYING everything you’re learning to your own mothering experience.

So you can watch the video or read the transcript while you’re having a cuppa OR you can listen to the audio version if you’re in the car (I know that’s what you’ll do – you multitasking marvel!).

And guess what? There is also a private Facebook group for you to join where you can share your insights or ‘aha’ moments with other mamas, ask me ANYTHING about the program or hit me up with something you’re struggling with.

Either way, I will hold your hand as you morph into a Conscious Mother!

Here are the deets

8 Modules

Videos, Audio, Meditations, Worksheets

Delivered to your inbox

Learn at your own pace

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