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*** Perth Mamas ***

Without a doubt, many parts of motherhood are wonderful.

However there are plenty of days where feeling happy as a mother and having an ‘easy’ baby or child is as elusive as finding a unicorn.

Even though we might be surrounded by a loving partner, family and friends we can often feel very lonely, exhausted and just ‘over it’.

Sometimes motherhood simply feels boring, relentless and simply ‘too much’.

If you want to find the joy in motherhood and you want to feel connected to other mothers who know what it’s like the come and join us at Mum’s Space.


*** Perth Mamas ***

Come and join Mum’s Space where Conscious Mothers connect, share and grow.

Medicare and Private Health Fund Rebates apply*

Over the course of the Mum’s Space program you’ll have the opportunity to

  • share the trials and tribulations of mothering with other like-minded mamas,
  • develop mindfulness skills to help reduce overwhelm,
  • gain insight into your own parenting style,
  • discover your strengths AND
  • build your capacity to truly ‘see’ what’s going on for you and your little one.

I am a true believer in finding a parenting approach that works best for YOU and fits with YOUR value system. However at the same time I believe it is important that you understand MY professional (and personal) approach to parenting.

There are a number of core premises that underpin my work with mothers (and parents);

  •  nurturing the mother-child relationship
  • committing to a journey of self-awareness
  • self-compassion and gratitude

 If these ‘fit’ for you, then please register your sport by filling in the form below. If you have any queries, please email me directly on [email protected]

*  You might be wondering about the price. Each session is $55 and it’s important that you commit to coming for the Term (5 sessions).

**If you’d like to receive a rebate from Medicare, you’ll need to speak with your GP and see if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan. I am a Clinical Psychologist and as such this is an appropriate intervention for a Medicare service. As of June 2017 the Medicare Rebate is a minimum of $31.65 per session. As such the most you’d be out of pocket is $23.35. If you’ve reached your Medicare safety net (which often happens during pregnancy and in the months following birth) your Medicare rebate would be higher and your out of pocket expense would be lower.

***Rebates will only be possible from private health funds if you have the appropriate cover but the amount varies greatly so I suggest you call them and ask.

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