Hello Baby

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Getting to know your baby is one of the most exciting experiences of early motherhood. We love our precious bundles so much that we could burst and because of that we want to be able to understand them the minute they are born.

But babies are difficult to get to know! They seem to give us very few signs to tell us what they need or what want from us … or do they?

The reality is that getting to know your baby is a journey and it takes time. Believe it or not, our babies do give us a wealth of information about their needs. We’re not used to seeing them!

The ‘Hello Baby’ 2-hour workshop will teach you simple ways to get to know YOUR baby. You will leave with skills to help you communicate with your baby and understand exactly what he or she needs. You can start applying these skills immediately and access them for many years to come.

When you’ve completed this workshop you will become more attuned to your baby and able to meet their needs and support their development. You’ll feel more calm and relaxed knowing that you can provide for your babies needs.

This workshop is totally practical and because of that, your baby is invited too!