Welcome to Journeys of Motherhood!

My purpose in creating this podcast is to share stories of everyday mothers like yourself, with everyday mothers like yourself!

There are some amazing podcasts out there that are just brilliant for mothers. Many have experts sharing their knowledge. Others share stories from mothers who are ‘in the public eye’.

What’s missing is YOUR story. Your extraordinary ordinary story.

And that’s what other extraordinary ordinary mothers want AND need to hear!

Whether you are the storyteller or the listener, stories ‘do’ SO much. They connect. They reassure. They inspire. They teach. They heal.

So I invite you to listen to Journey of Motherhood.

But not only that, I invite you to share YOUR story. Every story is interesting and worthwhile. All of you have something to share that will touch someone’s heart.

You can share a story about a challenging, wonderful, surprising and anything in between, part of motherhood. It’s YOUR story so YOU get to choose.

If you’re keen to be involved, please fill in the form and I’ll be in touch. I can’t wait to hear your story.

Journey of Motherhood

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