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  1. I love the idea of a mothering manifesto! I’m in a new business owner and I still work in my day job and my kids are young (2 & 5). I am very conscious to keeping the space in my life for business and my kids separate, it’s so easy to think “I’ll just skip the story tonight” and before you know it – that one time has happened every night for a week. I think being aware is so key – we need to know what we expect ourselves and tug ourselves back into line when we stray and do that with grace. Yes – it happens, but we are always a work in progress.
    Thank you so much for sharing so honestly and acknowledging that we all have different expectations of ourselves as parents and we have to work within our own expectations.

    1. Hello Bee, Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post. I’m so happy it resonated with you. Yes, I bang on about self-awareness a lot. It’s really one of the 3 core themes of The Conscious Mother – Self-Awareness, Connection and Compassion being the whole picture. x

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