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  1. Another gorgeous message from you! My five year old has started asking for a lot of extra activities like dancing. I know that I don’t have the white space in my life at this very moment to facilitate that, so we’ve agreed that she continues with swimming lessons for now until she is a competant swimmer because we have a pool at home. When she is bigger she can decide whether she wants to pick up dancing and drop swimming. She accepts that and it has motivated her to make the most out of her swimming classes so that she can learn to swim and then have the choice of doing something different. In the meantime, we do a lot of craft after school and she is certainly developing her creativity through that 🙂

    1. Hi Bee, I love it! What a fantastic approach. Most kids want to do a million things all at once. They have no concept of the big picture! So yes, we have to step in and put some boundaries in place. I really like how you handled it. I’m pretty impressed with your daughter too. x

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