I know you. I AM you.

You’re the kinda woman who

  • LOVES (most of the time) being a parent but believes her life’s purpose is bigger than being a mother
  • Is called to make a BIG and LASTING impact in the lives of your family and friends and let’s be honest … probably the whole bloody world!
  • WANTS TO kick arse in your careers and business but holds yourself back.
  • KNOWS deep down that you are meant to SHINE but for some reason, you just don’t seem to get ‘there’


  • Who DOESN’T want to sacrifice being the mum you want to be, in order to be the AMBITIOUS MOTHER, you want to be.
  • CRAVES a deep connection with her kidlets that lasts a lifetime.
  • BELIEVES in VALUES-BASED PARENTING and wants to set the ‘RULES’ for yourself.
  • Is DEEPLY COMMITTED to raising kids who grow up to tread their own unique and fulfilling path and who become rock-solid good citizens of the world.


  • Who believes that she needs to UNDERSTAND the journey she’s had so far, to truly KNOW and ACCEPT herself.
  • And knows that TRULY KNOWING and ACCEPTING herself is THE key to HER personal growth and ‘success’.
  • Who is ready to take responsibility for her life and DISCOVER, CONFRONT, SHIFT AND GROW as an AMBITIOUS MOTHER.

Well then, come along to ‘Hear Me Roar’ – the growth-fest for Ambitious Mothers where you’ll;

  • IDENTIFY the BS from your own past that holds you back as both an AMBITIOUS WOMAN &MOTHER.
  • UNCOVER the parts of your past that for the love of God, just keep smacking you in the face.
  • CONQUER your history so you DON’T repeat the patterns of the past (and don’t become your mother)
  • MEET and I mean truly and deeply KNOW and CONNECT WITH your most glorious version of yourself as an AMBITIOUS MOTHER.
  • SHAKE UP those CORE BELIEFS that make you feel like you’re pushing s#!t uphill
  • SHIFT the crazy stuff you tell yourself that dims your light
  • HARNESS your superpowers to GAIN and KEEP the momentum you need to grow your business.
  • Work WITH, not AGAINST, your NATURAL mothering style
  • CLARIFY YOUR parenting values and SET your own RULES
  • GROW the capacity within YOU to UNDERSTAND what’s going on for your kidlets when shit is going down.


Well this is how it rolls lady, in 2018 get ready for 4 months of …

  • 1 x uber amazing 3-day/3-night Retreat (Min 6 women – 1 coach, Max 10 women- 2 coaches)
  • 2 x one-on-one, let’s get personal, coaching sessions
  • 4 x group coaching sessions with me
  • 4 x group coaching sessions with some super AH.MAZ.ING business coaches and psychologists
  • 1 x wrap it up, put a bow on it, 2-days/1-night Retreat (Same same)


  • A kick-arse sisterhood like you’ve NEVER encountered before
  • Private Facebook group
  • The Conscious Mother: A simple guide to mothering with self-awareness, authenticity, confidence and connectedness
  • The Conscious Mother Workbook
  • The Ambitious Mother Workbook

The Conscious Mother Retreat Expressions

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *Please note that Retreats will not be run during school holidays nor on public holiday weekends. *The Bali Retreat will be 5-6 days