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Imagine yourself feeling confident as a mother, comfortable in the choices you have made for your own life and that of your family. You are fulfilled in the life you have created and all the roles you embody; mother, wife/partner, daughter, sister, Aunty, friend and colleague.

You embrace the transformation that motherhood has brought you, experiencing it as an invitation for enormous personal growth. You are as able to just “get on with it” as you are to be deeply connected to your truth as well as the important people in your life.

Because you know yourself, you know your child. You understand their very essence and are able to connect with them, heart to heart, soul to soul. When faced with challenging moments as a mother, you are able to step back from the chaos, the confusion and the distress. You centre yourself, find the answers within and support and guide your child towards a healthier way of being. You are able to be present during enough moments in your life that matter and when you aren’t, that’s okay.

When you read the endless parenting information that is out there, you can sift through the noise it brings and find what works for you. It can be hard to apply at times, consistency and persistence are key, but it feels right for you and your child. So those moments of self-doubt and worry, particularly in the face of others’ opinions, pass. You’re left feeling calm, strong, playful and connected.

Welcome to The Conscious Mother…..


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